Environmental Health

Currently, Adair County has a contract with Guthrie County to operate its Environmental Health program. Having a contract with Guthrie County allows Adair County to save money while also helping to fund Guthrie County’s Department.

Major programs that Guthrie County’s Environmental Health Department provides involve septic systems and also those involving wells and water. Other programs provided by the Environment Health Department include:

  • Radon awareness,
  • Unsafe dwellings,
  • Animal abuse,
  • Dumping,
  • Rabies/Animal bites,
  • Swimming pool inspection,
  • Tanning bed inspection,
  • Tattoo parlor inspection,
  • Bioterrorism,
  • And many other programs.

Installing or Replacing a Septic Tank
Anyone who needs to install or replace a septic tank in Adair County must contact the Gurthrie County Environmental Health Department. After a percolation test is done, a permit will be issued and an inspection will be done before the system is covered up. The Environmental Health Department works with the contractor and homeowner to see that a properly designed system is correctly installed by the contractor.

Drilling a Well
A State and County permit is required when drilling a well. The Environmental Health Department and the well driller work together to see that they are in compliance with these rules. After the well is completed, a water test is done as part of the permit. Heat pump wells also require a permit.

Grants to Counties Program
The Grants to Counties Program is a very important program. It provides cost share money to plug abandoned wells, rehabilitate existing wells, and to do water testing on existing wells. The State provides each county with funds to utilize this program.

For more information on the Environmental Health Department, you may visit their webpage.