Adair County Public Safety Center

What is included in this Project?
The Proposed facility will provide a new Sheriff Administration, an area for the City of Greenfield Police Department, new Correctional area and new E911 Dispatch. Support areas will include Evidence Storage, Conference/Emergency Command Center, Interview Room and Secure Arraignment area. Correctional areas include 6 Classifications, 12 beds and room for 6 additional future beds.

Why 12 Beds?
Per Iowa Code Inmates are required to be separated into Classifications. These Classifications require separation of the following:

  • Males & Females-No Sight or Sound
  • Adults & Juveniles-No Sight or Sound
  • Felons & Misdemeanants
  • Violent & Non Violent
  • Pre-Trial & Convicted
  • Work Release & General Population

Due to these Classification requirements the number of Beds that can be used at one time is limited. Capacity typically averages 80% of Bed Space.

What is wrong with the existing facility?
The current Sheriff’s Department and Corrections Center is located in a 107 year old home. Structual deterioration represents a danger to Staff, Inmates and Public Safety. The current facility does not meet Americans with Disabilities Act or Iowa Accessibility requirements and represents a liability to the County Existing mechanical systems have reached their limits. The boiler system is in need of replacement and the wiring systems still include knob and tube wiring.

Where can I get more information?
A complete study was compiled and copies are available for viewing at the Adair County Auditor’s Office, Adair County Sheriff’s Department and City offices throughout Adair County.