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Property Sales Questionnaire

Iowa assessors must use all county sales in the appraisal of similar properties unless there is a reason why a sale should be excluded. Accurate sale files help us assess county property fairly. Please fill out our online form to help us determine if there are any reasons why your sale should not be used to appraise comparable homes.

Property Sales Questionnaire

  1. Life Estate
    Government or Exempt Organizations
    Timeshare or Coop
    Public Utility or Railroad
    Exchange, Trade, Gift, Transfer from Estate (including 1031 Exchange)
    Court-Ordered Sale
    Cemetery Lot
    Fulfillment of Prior Year Contract
    Assignment or assumption of contract or deed
    Auction Sale
    Relocation Sale
    Transfer intended to secure a debt or other financial obligation
    Vacant Lot
    Vacant Building
  2. Please answer the following questions. You may qualify for one or more tax credits or exemptions. (Additional documentation may be required for specific applications.)

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