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The Adair and Guthrie County Emergency Management Commission is comprised of city and county officials.

Emergency Management Commission

Joanne Byars
City of Adair
Ruth Riley
City of Bagley
Tom Wardyn
City of Bayard
Roberta Carpenter
City of Bridgewater
Nicholas Lindberg
City of Casey
Mary Sturdy-Martin
City of Fontanelle
Jimmie Schultz
City of Greenfield
Michael Herbert
City of Guthrie Center
Dennis Meinecke
City of Jamaica
Carol Sheldahl
City of Menlo
Matt Swanson
City of Orient
Pat Parker
City of Panora
Dick Cook
City of Stuart
Tom Godwin
City of Yale
Nathan Baier
Adair County
Jerome Kuster
Guthrie County
Jeff Vandewater
Adair County Sheriff
Marty Arganbright
Guthrie County Sheriff
Stephanie Claussen
Adair County Local Emergency Planning Committee
Kent Irwin
Guthrie County Local Emergency Planning Committee

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